Chef Lee Webb

New Orleans East, Louisiana

Chef Lee got his start working in the kitchen at Ground Patty’s and Western Sizzler. His father was a Homicide Detective for New Orleans PD, and always had a passion for cooking, he passed that passion on to his son. Lee has always cooked for family and friends in such great detail that they have always pushed him to pursue his passion. Ten years ago, he was incapsulated by the pizza process after building a wood fired brick oven by hand in his back yard. He started studying great bakers and chefs like Nancy Silverton, Franco Pepe, Mark Iacono, Vito Iacopelli, Chris Bianco and his new friend, Paulie Gee. These “Pizza Yoda’s” have inspired a deep passion in authentica and getting back to “the old ways”, for Lee. The ways of the Nonas and Chefs of the old world. Just to speak with him about what he does only takes a moment to realize his deep-rooted passion for creating the most authentic food experience for every person who steps into his restaurant. His mantra will always be, “Have a slice or two, or even a whole pie” as if you were sitting on his back porch, sipping wine, and listening to great music. Come see him at Pomodori Pizza and experience our back porch restaurant.